Kris Taifalos – Art Director 🏁 Creative Lead 🖤 Designer ⚡️ branding 🎉 marketing 🌈 design 🔥 content 👓 editorial📱 digital 📡 media + 🐕 dog dad, and another 🐨 Aussie in 🗽 America.
Who sees the world in full color, finding meaning with visual storytelling and great design to cultivate bold brands.

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Gent in pink polo shirt is holding tablet displaying abstract editorial artwork and article.


Editorial Artwork



Content and Creative

Paramount Pictures iconic Clueless look recreated for social media.
Birthday cake for Snoop Dogg!
This cute little dog is dressed as Chase from Paw Patrol for Halloween.
You are invited to the wedding of the year – Keyshia Ka'oir to Gucci Mane.
Woman's hand with bright yellow painted nails dropping a smartphone from her hand, displaying the Fan Club podcast identity.

Fan Club

Identity and Social Media

A large group studio photo of the Nickelodeon creative team wearing causal clothes with color pops of the Nickelodeon orange.

Team Nickelodeon.

Editorial Series Photo Art Direction



Advertising and Branding

A house of cards – made up from Drawcard Media postcards.
Solek Architecture business cards designed a color punch neon yellow edge.


Identity and Website

'Talk With Me' out of home posters non-profit awareness campaign.

Speech Pathology

Illustration and Campaign


Growing up in the Land Down Under, Kris Taifalos first discovered his love of design while obsessively studying CD albums. The layout, the font type, and the overall art direction of the covers drew him to explore the shape of things through creative direction.

Kris landed his first design job in high school, at an entertainment street press magazine. After the school day, he would work until the early morning creating editorial layouts and ads, enjoying the payoff of a visual story he could touch. Weekends were spent discovering heroes like Ettore Sottsass, reading about art history, sneaking into modern art museums, and watching music videos on MTV.

While at University, lecturers recommended him for a creative role at Network 10, where he designed stylized on-air graphics for news and television broadcast.

After a few more years in design studio roles, Kris’ hunger for a visually rich world landed him the lead creative at Drawcard Media, an advertising agency that creates campaigns that reach people in their everyday environments – campuses, cafes, bars, art institutions and other key cultural events.

In 2015, Kris relocated to New York City.

He is currently an Art Director at ViacomCBS, where he directs creative for brand, marketing and event, editorial, video, social, digital and product – working alongside consumer brands including BET, CBS, Comedy Central, MTV, Nickelodeon, Paramount, PlutoTV, Showtime, and VH1. A stand-out moment was negotiating with NYPD to shoot the iconic Clueless look in Bryant Park quickly (don't tell legal).

Things he enjoys: avant-garde fashion, contemporary dance, European type design, brand design blogs, airline brand identities, and other talented people.

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